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Forum > Nhật k tiếng Anh >> A Day for 7th & 8th grade's filed trip

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 Post by: webmaster
 ID 13519
 Date: 08/06/2006

A Day for 7th & 8th grade's filed trip
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Day for 7th & 8th grade's filed trip.

By: Lizzie H.
New York, Age 14

I got up and did my morning chores then I went to the bus stop then we were dropped of at school and then the bell rang for the 5th and 6th grade to go in the school then we thought we were to go in but we were asked what are you guys doing? So we stayed out and whatd to be told which bus to get on and my bus to get on was number 2 then we talked for some hours before we got to Dorney Park. We got off the bus and we were left to go any were we want with our group leader so we whent to most of the roller coasters around the front of the Park then some of my group liked to go to some little kid rides like the swing (to me they were little kid rides) so I sat waiting for some of my group by the rides they went on some of the other groups were near us and we went to the place the whole 7th and 8th grade were to eat there food was not good at all there but I eat some stuff, then we when to the other side of the Park were Wildwater Kingdom was we went there was some good rides there, then when my group was board of the water rides they want to go back to the Park and ride more rides after they wad rode a kiddy ride about ten times and I got sick of it and then I had seen a group going to a ride I want to go to my group leader said we had to stick together but we were aloud to go with other group leaders but she was not as nice as the other group leaders were so after they were done with the boring ride we stared to go back up to the parking lot to go back to the bus and it was raining when we were going to the front and we were not aloud to go on any more rides because my group leader wouldnt let us or they said we couldnt go on the ride because it was raining. So we got back on the bus for more talking and I had meet a guy that use to go to H.F.M.S. but he went to a special school somewhere else so al of the students on bus 2 were talking and watching a movie on the TV on the bus and lising to music too then we got to H.F.M.S. around 9pm.

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 Reply: lannguyen
 REF: 88653
 Date: 11/14/2006

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are you in 7 grade ? you live in New York wow I go to visit new york this summer yyaaaaahhh !

 Reply: nnorisa
 REF: 88920
 Date: 12/01/2006

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wow u only 14 age , so u can speak english very best , can me make yr friend with u , i want , can u help me ,

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