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Forum > Trường, trung tm English >> Having troubles writing a CV? Come join our workshop "A KILLER CV" for free!!!!

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: kenkudo
 ID 18932
 Date: 07/14/2011

Having troubles writing a CV? Come join our workshop "A KILLER CV" for free!!!!
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Dear our beloved friends,

Are you still a student or a new graduate looking for a job?
Have you ever sent your CV to apply for a scholarship or a position in a company but not yet to be accepted?
If yes, how many times have you asked yourself why your CV could not attract the recruiter?

Dont worry!!!
All your queries will be solved in our up-coming workshop A "killer" CV

Come with us and you will have the opportunity to be consulted about CV writing skills by our special guest who has had a long time working in recruitment field and dealing with CVs.

Right now, you can start sending your CV to us at the e-mail address: vpv.indigo.club@gmail.com and become one of the five luckiest persons who will receive the advice on how to better your CV from our special guest .

Time of event: 3pm- 5pm, Sunday 17/7/2011
Venue: Equest Center. 38 Hang Chao Str. Ha Noi
First come first served. Quickly register for our workshop A Killer CV to be one of 20 lucky participants of this chance.

For registration, please send an email (Subject: WS CV Registration) with your full name, school, email and phone number to: vpv.indigo.club@gmail.com or visit us at facebook.com/IndigoHanoi for further information.

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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