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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: ieltsacademy
 ID 18273
 Date: 08/24/2010

Update đề thi Ielts ngy 21-08 tại IDP(HN)
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RES _ Reliable English School
H Nội : Số 66 ng 40 Tạ Quang Bửu --- Số 7A ng 850 Lng - SĐT: 04.66578892
TP HCM : Số 42 Nguyễn Phi Khanh Quận 1 - SĐT: 08.36031143
Lin hệ Email: haiyen317@gmail.com, Ms Yến: 0979043610; 0906050084
yahoo chat: academyielts http://vn.myblog.yahoo.com/academyielts/ or http://res.vn

IELTS Test August, 21st 2010 IDP
More real IELTS test


Task 1

Type Of Diagram: Bar chart

The chart below illustrates the number of people who download variety of materials (video clip, games, and program) from the Internet in five countries. Describe it and make relevant comparisons where necessary.

You should write at least 150 words

Task 2

Currently, many organizations publicize their activities by naming the date based on the content of the activities. For example, the name Non-smoking day appeared because people are warned not to smoke on that day. Why do organizations use the names like that? Identify the effects of doing so.

You should write at least 250 words.


Part 1
Do you like parties?
Are there any parties that you enjoyed and remember?
What do you normally do at a party?
Have you ever organized a party by yourself?

Part 2
Describe a (popular) public event that you went to (such as a carnival, sports event or religious event).
You should say:
what the event was
when you went there
who you went there with
and explain why you enjoyed this event. *

Part 3
What are some of the main public events that exist in your country?
Which public events are most popular among the people?
Do people prefer to actually attend these events or to watch them on TV?
What makes public events attractive to people?
Do you think it's easy for the government to organize public events?

Section 1 - Topic : Completing a house-renting form
- Form completion
- Multiple choice
- Sentence completion

Section 2 Topic: A bridge in France
- Multiple choice
- Fill in the gap

Section 3 Topic: How to involve children in lessons in school?
- Multiple choice

Section 4 Topic: Lecture about how to protect trees
- Complete the table
- Sentence Completion

Passage 1 : Sleeping on the job
- Multiple choice
- Matching headings

Passage 2 : How do birds protect their offspring and eggs?
- Matching headings
- Multiple choice
- Yes/No/Not Given

Passage 3 : Learning on the Internet
- Yes/No/Not Given
- Summary
- Sentence completion

More real IELTS Test, visit http://vn.myblog.yahoo.com/academyielts/ or http://res.vn

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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