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 Post by: ieltsacademy
 ID 18180
 Date: 07/25/2010

Update đề thi Ielts ngy 17-7 tại IDP(HN)
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RES _ Reliable English School
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yahoo chat: academyielts http://vn.myblog.yahoo.com/academyielts/ or http://res.vn

IELTS Test July, 17th 2010 IDP


Task 1 (Multiple pie charts)

The pie charts below describe the results of a survey about the satifation rating of Greenwich University s Facilites. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

You should write at least 150 words.


Task 2 (Problem / Solution)

Recently, the proportion of people from rural area moving to the city in order to get a job is increasing, it leads to overcrowding, pollutions and low quality public services. What is the cause of this phenomenon and what solutions could be implemented to solve it.

You should write at least 250 words.

Part 1 :
How often do you take time to relax ?
What is the best part of the day for you ?
What do you usually do with your family ?
Do you think modern people like to do things with others or in a group ?
Do you prefer to do things with your family group or with a group of friends ?

Part 2 :
Describe a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood
You should say:
when you got this toy ?
how you got this toy ?
how often you played with it ?
and explain why you enjoyed playing with it

Follow-up questions:
Do you still have this toy?

Part 3 :
In general, do children today have too many toys ?
Do you think boys enjoy playing with toys more than girls ?
Do boys and girls play with the same kinds of toys ?
What are some differences between boys' toys and girls' toys ?
Which do you think is better for children, simple toys or complex toys ?
How do you think playing with toys helps the development of children ?


Section 1 - Topic :
- Form completion
- Multiple choices

Section 2 - Topic
- Multiple choices
- Classification

Section 3 - Topic
- Form completion
- Multiple choices

Section 4 - Topic
- Form completion


Passage 1 :
- Yes/ No/ Not Given
- Multiple choices
- Sentence Completion

Passage 2 :
- Matching headings
- Process Completion
- Multiple choices

Passage 3 :
- Multiple choices
- True/False/ Not Given
- Summary

More real IELTS Test, visit http://vn.myblog.yahoo.com/academyielts/ or http://res.vn

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  gp kiến



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