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Forum > Trường, trung tm English >> Update đề thi Ielts ngy 29-5-2010 tại IDP (HN)

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: ieltsacademy
 ID 18056
 Date: 06/04/2010

Update đề thi Ielts ngy 29-5-2010 tại IDP (HN)
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IELTS real Test May, 29th 2010 IDP

More IELTS test


Task 1:
- 2 maps of a village in 1995 and Present day

Task 2:
- Recently, young people after leaving school usually have negative attitude to learning. What do you think are the causes of that matter and sollutions to that.


Section 1 :
- Form completion
- Multiple choices

Section 2 :
- Multiple choices
- Multiple answers question

Section 3 :
- Process completion with options are given
- Multiple choices

Section 4 :
- Form completion


Passage 1 : A passage about otter
- Matching sentences (with suitable paragraph)
- True/ False/ Not Given
- Answer questions (no more than 3 words)

Passage 2 :
- Matching headings
- Multiple choices

Passage 3 : An article about culture.
- Summary
- Sentences completion

SPEAKING: Used Topic
Part 1:
What work do you do?
Why did you choose that kind of work?
Is there anything you dont like about your job?
Tell me about your usual daily routine at work.
Part II
Describe a school you went to when you were a child.
You should say:
where it was
what the classrooms were like
what the other students were like
what the teachers were like
and explain what you enjoyed during your time at this school.
Follow-up questions:
Are there still children attending that school?
Do you ever go back to visit that school? (Or: Have you been back to visit that school?)
Part III
In what ways do you think the school a student goes to has an effect on the future of that student?
Which do you think is better, students studying in big classes or studying in small classes?
For children these days, do you think its easier to make friends in a small school or a large school?
What are the qualities of a good teacher?
Why do you think many people prefer to teach young children rather than older students?

SPEAKING: Used Topic
Part I
Do you live in the city or the countryside?
Is it good for young people to grow up in the city?
Is your city a good place for young people to grow up?
Have you ever been to the seaside?
Do you often eat out (go to restaurants)?
What food do you like?
Part II
Describe a relaxing day you had once after a period of hard work.
You should say:
when you had this relaxing day
where you spent this day
who you spent it with (and what you did)
and explain why it was relaxing.
Follow-up questions:
Do you know anyone who is doing this job?
Part III
Where do people go nowadays when they want to relax?
Do people of different ages spend their free time differently?
Please compare some expensive ways to relax with some cheap (or free) ways to relax.
What facilities does your (town or) city have for relaxing?

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gp kiến
  gp kiến



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