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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: thinhan
 ID 24614
 Date: 02/13/2020

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Em xem gim mắt anh
C ci g l lạ
Vừa xanh như trăng thanh
Vừa hồng như lửa hạ
Vừa vng như nắng hanh

Em xem gim mắt anh
C ci g lấp la
Nhưng khng l vảy c
Cũng khng l thong-manh.

Em xem gim mắt anh
C ci g kỳ dị
Khng phải l cận thị
Khng phải l viễn thị
Khng phải l loạn thị
Gic-mạc vẫn trong lnh
Mắt vẫn sng long lanh

Thật ra, anh biết rnh
Khng cần tm loanh quanh
V n l tm bệnh:
Hnh em trong mắt anh!

Thật ra, anh khng đau
Khng cần tm bệnh l
Anh cần em ch
Cốt để được gần nhau

Em l một nụ cười
Em l đa hồng tươi
Cho lng anh thắm mi
Cho anh tin yu đời



Would you examine my eyes?
There is something strange to arise:
Partly cerulean in the bright moon,
Partly rosy with the summer sun to tune,
Partly yellow like a dry afternoon.

Examine my eyes, would you?
There is some scintillating hue,
But not leucoma at all
Nor cataract as you call.

Examine my eyes, please.
There is something not at ease:
Neither myopia
Nor presbyopia
Nor even astigmatism, so-and-so.
The corneas are still clear, I know;
My eyes are still pure

Oh, in fact, about it I am quite sure.
No need to look for (there is no border!)
Because it is my mental disorder:
Your image in my eyes!

Truly, to any diseases I have no ties.
It does not involve pathology;
I need your attention (it is psychology!),
In order to be beside you, my dear.

You are a smile, cheer;
You are a fresh rose
To make my heart for ever warm, close,
For me to trust and love life.

English version by THANH-THANH

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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