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Forum > Thơ tiếng Anh >> MOTHER'S DAY

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: thinhan
 ID 23217
 Date: 05/06/2016

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Mẹ cn tất bật qu nh,
"Ngy Tn Vinh Mẹ" cũng l ngy thi!

Tinh mơ lục đục thức rồi,
Mẹ trng ng trước, mẹ ngồi vườn sau.
Lt lng bỏm bẻm miếng trầu,
Thăm gin bng b, tri bầu xinh xinh.

Gi trai ngai ruộng bn đnh,
Mải lm ăn cũng v tnh đu hay.
No ai knh mẹ hm nay,
Tặng hoa, cầu chc, tỏ bầy gần xa...

Mẹ ơi! Phong tục người ta,
Ơn Thầy, Nghĩa Mẹ, Cng Cha một ngy.
Qu hương my trắng bay bay,
Ca dao theo gi lất ly bời bời,

m thầm gc bể chơi vơi
Con lun tưởng nhớ, cầu trời bnh an,
Đời đời cho mẹ Việt Nam.
Giang sơn tươi đẹp, chứa chan thanh bnh.



Mom is still laborious in her native land to stay;
The Mother's Day is therefore a merely trivial day.

She usually gropingly wakes up early at dawn
To look after the front gate, take care of the rear lawn.
For breakfast she munches slowly a quid of betel.
She tends each pumpkin bud, each squash petal.

Her sons and daughters are busy working in the field,
So absorbed, nonchalant, unaware of it to wield.
Whoever to respect, love, honor her on this day;
Flowers to offer, gratitude to express, wishes to say?

Oh mom, that is the nice tradition of people overseas;
Mother's value, Father's merit, Teacher's deed to please.
Back there in your village white clouds fly, profuse,
Folk-songs though aplenty gone with the wind, diffuse.

Away from home, silently in exile, wandering in dole,
I always miss and think of you, pray for your whole,
And for Mother Vietnam, for an eternal good increase,
Our beloved motherland, bright, blooming in peace.

Translation by THANH-THANH

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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