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Forum > Thơ tiếng Anh >> KHC CHA - Father's Day

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: thinhan
 ID 20482
 Date: 06/17/2015

KHC CHA - Father's Day
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Trời ma đng tm hồn con gi lạnh
Con về đy nhưng cha đ đi rồi!
Khng bao giờ cn thấy mặt cha ti
Bao giọt lệ tro dng trong khe mắt

Lng nghẹn ngo nhi đau như dao cắt
Chỉ vi ngy con đ mất cha yu.
ngy xưa, cha nghim khắc rất nhiều
V mong muốn con nn người hữu dụng

Cng ơn cha như trời cao bể rộng
Như suối nguồn tun chảy mi khng ngừng
Nhớ nụ cười v khun mặt bao dung
i tiếng ni n tồn khi gio dục

Nhớ cả những ngọn roi v lười học
Bởi ham vui với b bạn gần nh
Biết lm sao kể lại hết tnh cha?
Giọt nước mắt lăn di trn g m
Ngy hm nay con khng cn cha nữa
Tm đu ra hnh bng của cha ti???



The world is in winter but colder is my inner heart;
Here I do return but from this life Dad did depart.
From now on I cannot see any longer my father's shine;
How to stop from my eyes the stream of fervid brine!

My inside shoots as if cut by knives, the stings gather;
Only in a few days I have lost my beloved father!
I reminisce the old days you were so formidable
Just because you wanted me to become serviceable.

Your immense merit was like high sky, vast ocean,
Your watercourse of love never ceased its motion.
How I recall your merciful smile and generous face,
Temperate voice when educating me in each case.

I even remember the rod to your good will to bend
For being work-shy festal with a neighboring friend...
Of your bosom I can't find any word that fully speaks;
Drops of choler are rolling down on my hollow cheeks.

From now on I do not have any more my dear Dad;
Where on earth can I find my father's image So sad!

Translation by THANH-THANH

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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