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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: thinhan
 ID 18869
 Date: 06/17/2011

profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang    edit -sua doi, thay doi  post reply - goy y kien

Cha mẹ nui con bằng trời, bằng bể,
Con nui Cha Mẹ con kể từng ngy.
Lẽ thường đầy dẫy xưa nay,
Buồn cho thế thi, ngn thay nhn tnh
Ơn dưỡng dục sao đnh qun lng,
Đức sinh thnh chớ mảng thờ ơ...
Cng Cha trời biển, hững hờ ?
Nghĩa Mẹ sng ni, dại khờ gc bn !
Ơn cc dục chớ qun mn nợ,
Đức c lao phải nhớ khc nhi.
Biết chăng từ thuở cho đời,
Ngy đm Cha, Mẹ khn ngơi một giờ
Con đau Mẹ bơ phờ lo lắng,
Suốt năm canh thức trắng v con...
Thn ve ngy một ho hon,
Nghn trng n nghĩa con cn nhớ khng?
Cha sớm tối ước mong con giỏi,
Để ganh đua học hỏi tinh tường.
Mai sau bia đ bảng vng,
Đẹp lng cha mẹ lại cng vinh thn.
Cha khng quản xa gần bươn chải
Dẫu cực thn vẫn phải gắng cng.
Đến ngy dựng vợ, gả chồng,
Trăm cay nghn đắng một lng v con.

24/4/1997 TRƯỜNG GIANG


Parents merits like the sky and the sea always remain,
But childrens repayment is about to boast and complain.
That is the abounding habit of behavior so bad:
How such feeling is depressed! How such way is sad!
Who gave birth to you, do you have the heart to forget?
Who brought you up, how can you have neglected as yet?
Fathers flesh-and-blood love, one should not ignore.
Of Mothers dedication, nobody should think no more.
Nurturance does not naturally care about nescience,
But one ought not to slight any emotional experience:
Since being born, the baby has been quite cherished,
Day and night parents trying to do what they wished.
If children got sick mothers also got gaunt, tense
Through the long night staying awake worried hence
In agonizing anguish day after day crushed by grief:
Such sentimental attachment would you omit as lief?
And fathers always earnestly expect and try their best
To see their kids progress, of education stand the test,
Pass exams, obtain rolls of honor with names entered in:
Their parents hope to satisfy and their own end to win.
Your Dads spared no pains round the clock striving
To make a living though burdensome but life-giving trying
Until they married you off and you left for all quarters
Despite their endless suffering, dear sons and daughters!

Original by TRUONG GIANG
Translation by THANH-THANH

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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