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 Post by: webmaster
 ID 13514
 Date: 08/06/2006

The Mailman
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The mailman plays an important role in our society. His duty to collect and deliver the letter that contain information or idea. People often communicate with each other by letters to exchange their idea or share their feelings or do their business. This is the best way to save their time and their financial, instead of making a long distant call or taking a trip. For example, every evening, I go to my mailbox to get my mail or drop a letter to send to my friends in remote places. I always feel happy when I receive my friends letters, post cards and my bills on time. So I consider that the mailman is one of the great workers who enable us to communicate with each other by letters. Although it is heavy rain or storm, he or she still delivers the mail in appropriate time. I really appreciate that our society have the mailman who works hard to bring our convenient communication.

gp kiến
 Reply: dtuananh94
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 Date: 10/14/2006

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Very good

 Reply: hoaiphuong1983
 REF: 88349
 Date: 10/21/2006

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A rose reminds us of love.Is there love at school?
love exists wherever there is a heartbeat.Students often have a gentle and pure love,not the kind of passionate,strong love of the one who idolizes his lover ,of lovers looking at each other instead of looking in the same direction.
I implore you please do not gaze at me with such infatuated eyes .Let us stop calling each other Prince and Princess because our imaginary crowns set with jewels and royal golden brocade ropes will only seprateus from our friends.Then the fear that our jewels might be lose or our precious clothers be stained will make us stand still and we will not dare join in contributing our energy to our homeland....
Please receive the loving rose with care since its sharp thorns may hurt you!
Pham Hoai Phuong

  gp kiến



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