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Forum > Đm thoại tiếng Anh >> American English teacher HCMC -- low price

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: airkb23
 ID 24547
 Date: 10/02/2017

American English teacher HCMC -- low price
profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang    edit -sua doi, thay doi  post reply - goy y kien
Hello, I am an American living and teaching in Phu Nhuan District.......Looking for students either alone or as a group........I can add you to a class I already teach or put a group of new students together.... You come to me to learn, I rarely go to your home to teach....I teach basic english and high level classes....Price is 1 trieu per student per month......But sometimes price even lower than that if i have class of 6 or 7 students........ Morning afternoon or night but usual times are 3pm-430... 445-615pm...or 630-8pm.........Classes are 90 minutes-- 2 days a week....

please contact by sms the first time..... 0906 6121 43 Ken

gp kiến
 Reply: airkb23
 REF: 130094
 Date: 12/03/2017

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
If anyone knows of other websites, I can use to find more students let me know....

  gp kiến



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