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In the ancient time there was a childless couple. The wife was faithful and loved the husband passionately while the husband was quarrel some and badly treated to his wife. Once day he beat the poor wife with a stick and dismissed her from home.
The women became homeless so she had to come to another place to settle down and tried to forget her sorrow. She then got married with a kind man. They shared everything together and lived in harmony.

One afternoon when her husband had gone for hunting, a beggar came and asked for some food. The woman was kind; she filled the poor beggar's bag and recognized that the beggar was her former husband. The man also recognized his wife then. She felt sorry for the man when hearing that from the day he dismissed her, he was deeply blue and regretful. So he decided to start away to find her until he spent all money and became a beggar. After being offered a big meal, the man was drunk so the woman had to drag him out and hid him in a stack of straw because it was time for her recent husband to come back from the forest.

After a while there was a knock at the door, the hunter appeared with a deer on his back, he then happily asked the woman to go to the market to prepare for the dinner. When the woman came back, she found that the stack of straw, where her drunk former husband was sleeping, had been being burning with a deer roasted it. She cried painfully then jumped into the fire. The hunter didn't know what had happened and what to do but jumped into the fire to die beside his wife.
At that moment God was in the heaven, he was moved for human's inmost feelings so he turned three of them into three part of earthen tripod so that they could live side by side forever and conferred them at Kitchen Gods to oversee all the cooking of people. Every year they all together came back to the heaven on Dec. 23rd in lunar calendar to report to God.

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